Terms & Conditions

1. The exhibitor agrees to pay the fee indicated on or before the due date.

2. The Darwin Event Group, Acadia Students’ Union, or event sponsor(s), are not responsible for any loss incurred by any exhibitor.

3. Exhibit space will be made available for exhibitor’s use, on a scheduled basis up to 20 hours before opening.

4. Exhibit to be completed by the exhibitor for official inspection by 11:00 am, on the opening day of the show.

5. Preparation of the exhibit will be at the exhibitor’s expense.

6. Exhibit will remain intact until 5:00 pm, Sunday. No removal or dismantling of the exhibit or exhibit material is permitted before this time.

7. All booth decorations must be kept within the confines of the rented booth dimensions.
Eight foot high side walls will not exceed six feet in depth unless prior approval is obtained from show management.
Installation of eight foot high side wall will be at the expense of the exhibitor. No booth decorations will block the visibility of another exhibit.

8. Painting or fastening to walls, floors, ceiling or any part of the building is not permitted.
Attaching signs or display material to the show contractor’s equipment will be by approved methods only.
Any damage to the building or show dressings will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.

9. Final allotment of booth space will be at the discretion of show management.

10. Space is to be used for products and purpose of the exhibitor and cannot be sublet or used by other than the exhibitor without written consent of show management.

11. A fifty percent deposit must accompany completed applications. When payments for space are not paid when due, the space may be forfeited and reallocated.

12. Cancellation policy – the exhibitor will be required to pay, in full, for the contracted amount on any cancellation received within 30 days of the show.
Cancellations must be received in writing.

13. The exhibitor must occupy the space allocated during the scheduled move-in time, unless show management approves alternate arrangements.

14. Substantial restocking of products intended for retail sale may not be delivered or removed from the exhibit during show hours.

15. All applicable Provincial and Federal Taxes at the time of the event are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.